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PVCPatches.Co.UK is a well-known name that is trusted by a big chunk of the audience who want to advertise their brand, style their clothes, or support their teams. There is no other better way than a custom PVC patch to get your favourite designs imprinted with insane detailing and flawless finishing. We use modern software to digitise your artwork and then patches are made by injecting colours into soft PVC moulds.

PVC Patch Makers In UK With Unmatched Excellence

We put a lot of emphasis on our product's quality and try to offer our clients soft, flexible, durable, weather-resistant, and waterproof emblems. Our skilled PVC patch makers have worked on badges of all sizes and shapes. Unlike other sites, we do not have any order limits and you can shop as many crests as you want.

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Endless Customization

We are a customer-oriented company that allows its clients to communicate all their design requirements without any hesitation. You can challenge our team with any tricky design and they will transform it into an amazing PVC patch.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our primary concern and we do not compromise on our products' quality. Every single patch is made with high-quality PVC soft rubber that won't damage or fade at all. Therefore, they are perfect for the outdoors.

Trained Patch Makers

We have scouted the most talented digital artists and patch makers from all over England who are passionate about crafting PVC rubber patches. They have a decade-long experience under their belt and can satisfy all your design needs.

Reasonable Pricing

3D PVC patches are a bit expensive as compared to other embroidered emblems. However, we charge our customers a minimal amount for these crests. We are an all-PVC store where you can buy any product without worrying about your budget.

Patches Galore

A gallery that contains some of our recently designed PVC patches that you might want to order!

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Things You Can Expect From PVCPatches.Co.UK

Multidimensional Designs

A 3D patch can add an instant pop to any garment or accessory. Even our 2D emblems have a three-dimensional effect.

Transparency & Honesty

We try to offer our customers an unforgettable experience. There are no hidden fees and you will never be overcharged for anything.

Unlimited Colors Options

We have a rainbow full of colours to match your design and pick a perfect colour scheme that adds life to your PVC logo patches.

Get A Backing You Prefer

A simple or plain back won't cost you any extra bucks. However, for better application, you should try Sew on or Velcro.

Giant Or Miniature Badges

You can get large badges for the back of your jackets or small PVC labels for uniforms. We are flexible to work on any shape or size.

Suitable For Outdoor Usage

Our PVC emblems are made from soft synthetic rubber that is 100% genuine and can survive in any temperature or environment.

Ultra-Quick Deliveries

It won't take us long to design, mould, refine, and ship your PVC emblems to your doorstep. The delivery will be completed without any delay.

Diverse Inventory

We specialize in PVC rubber patches but apart from that you can also order PVC labels and keychains from our site.

Design Consultancy

Our patch designers will try to read your mind and paint a perfect picture that you can further refine as we offer unlimited free edits.

Dedicated Customer Support

Whether you need some more information about our services or want to place an order, feel free to contact us at any time.

Show Your Love For The Military Or Go All-Out While Promoting Your Brand With Our Rough & Tough 3D PVC Patches

Don't go any further as we do not have any minimum or maximum order limits like other patch shops in UK. Our services are accessible to everyone, including business owners, sports teams, military personnel, and common patch lovers.