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  • 2D & 3D Option Available
  • Durable & Water Proof
  • Sewing Borders Available
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Put Imagination Into Your PVC Hat Patch - Customization Options


Want a company logo as a custom PVC rubber hat patch? Or want them for personal use? You can send any design to us and expect magical outcomes.


Although Velcro is the most popular option when it comes to rubber patches for hats, we don't mind exceeding millions of miles to make you happy.


Whether you wish to add depth to your design or want a single-layered custom PVC patch hat, the experts here will deal with all your requirements easily.


Whether your design is simple with one or two colors, or has a lot of shenanigans like intricate detailing and many colors, we won't limit you in that regard.

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We have manufactured millions of custom patch hats! Check some of them below:

Hat PVC Patch
WTI Patch
PVC Hat Patch
PVC Patch Hats
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Turning Designs Into Dimensioned Custom PVC Hat Patches In UK

Do you own that great and innovative idea that can knock out anyone? Don't kill its potential by leaving it just like that! Get it turned into a modernized custom PVC patch for a hat, so you can easily stick out in the crowd. The superior rubber look, with bright colors and a flat matte finish, will appeal to unlimited eyes.

The main feature of a custom PVC patch for a hat is, it is flexible, soft, and durable enough to hold the line against wear and tear. This makes them an excellent option for outwear like caps or hats. Getting them from expert makers like gives you an opportunity to receive the highest quality patches.

Thinking Why to Choose Us for Your Custom PVC Hat Patch? Here's Why……

Focusing on customer experience and the quality of products we disperse is the number one reason that makes us surf the tide of clients' expectations. By no means ever we have unsatisfied a customer. Following are the reasons you should choose us for your rubber PVC patch:

● We Use Highest-Grade PVC for Hat Patches

The foremost important reason why customers come to us, over and over again is the quality of cotton badges delivered by us. Our rubber cotton badges never wear out, as we use the highest-grade material.

● Customer Satisfaction Is The Top Priority

We don't sleep until the customer is happy with our service. For that reason, we offer free artwork service as well. This helps us in making sure that the customer is satisfied with the expected outcomes.

● After-Sales Support Is Guaranteed By Us

Encountered a problem with the delivery? Nothing to worry about! Tell us what went wrong and the team will stay by your side until the issue is resolved. In certain cases, we don't mind complete reproduction.

● Financial Perks That Will Stop You On Your Track

We promise to amaze you with several discounts, deals and other perks! Our clients hold raving reviews about us because we are always light on the pocket, without ever compromising on quality.

Custom PVC Hat Patch
Ways You Can Use Your Custom PVC Hat Patches to Their Best Unbelievable Uses of Rubber Patches for Hats

Custom PVC patch for hats has a versatile use! Gone are times when they were used by scout clubs, biker clubs or a group of friends only. They have penetrated the market and have cemented a strong spot in the industry. Here are amazing ways you can use your cap patches:

● Market Your Brand In Full Swing With Patches

Have an upcoming corporate event? Or are you taking your employees to a picnic? Grab such happenings as an opportunity to market your brand, by providing customized rubber hat patches to your employees.

● Distribute Them In Your School Events

Students love flaunting their school name, accomplishments, and batch through such personalized creations. Plus, school Alumnus purchases school merchandise as memories to cherish forever.

● As A NGO, You Can Support Your Cause

It can be a logo, a slogan, a popular statement or anything else, which represents and supports your cause. Get it transformed into a rubber patch for a hat and approach more people in a single glimpse easily.

● Distribute Them In Personal Occasions

By handing over personalized hats with cotton badges to your guest is the sure fire way to live in one's memory forever. Whenever they'll look at those caps, they'll break into a smile and remember you.

PVC Hat Patches

Here's how We Make Your Custom Rubber Hat Patch Procedure Breakdown for Your Ease

Curious to find out how we work? The procedure is very easy, simple and transparent. We stay side by side with customer, so they know about the procedure. Take a look at the procedure breakdown and we are sure you'll feel eased after walking through it:

● Tell Us What's Running In Your Mind

The procedure begins by knowing your idea or concept of the custom patch hat! You need to decide on the type of backing, shape, size, and other particularities you want in your rubber patch for a hat.

● Artwork Designing & Its Approval

We turn your requirements into artwork and send it to you. In case if any changes are required, we cater to them free of cost. After you approve it, we send it to the manufacturing company ASAP.

● The Manufacturing Process Begins

The team of manufacturers makes a customized mould and sets the base colour into it. Then according to the design, each layer of colour is applied to it! Once they are cooled, we remove it from the mould.

● We Ship It to Your Given Address

After the rubber patches for the hats are ready, we ship them to your given address within the mentioned time frame. With us, you really don't have to expect delays. We offer free shipping in the UK.

Custom Rubber Hat Patch

We Promise, with Us Your Custom Hat Patch Will Be Affordable! Know the Determinants of Your Quote

Calculating the final cost varies upon several determinants! We try our best to stay within the client's budget and don't mind earning the least profit margin, even if a client is adding up several upgrades. The following are the determinants that can lead to a higher price tag:

● Design Complications - The Biggest Determinant

Although PVC is competent enough to capture fine details, there can be scenarios when the details are too tiny. Hence, this might require a little raw material, leading to higher price quote.

● Too Lazy To Attach It Your Hat? We'll Do It

Too lazy to attach the custom PVC patches to your hat? Worry not! We can take care of that too for a little more fee. Just let us know about the color and style/size of the hats, and we'll do it.

● Need It Within 2 Weeks Or Less? Alright!

The making of PVC hat patches is time consuming and then delivering it to the doorstep is another battle to deal with. However, we can pay a little more to the logistic company for faster delivery.

● 2D/3D Upgrading In Your Hat

Opting for a 3D PVC hat patch means adding depth and dimension to your design, which looks absolutely alluring to the eye. However, this might cost a little more, as 3D moulds are more complicated.

Combat Engineer Hat Patch

Possible Backings Choices for Custom Patch Hats In UK

Glue On
Glue On

We use premium standard glue-on for PVC hat patches so they can stick properly.


You can attach Velcro to your patch, as it promotes the ease of attaching/removing.

Peel & Stick
Peel & Stick

Another easiest backing option offered by us is peel & stick! It is super easy to use.

Sew On
Sew On

Sew your patch on the hat to make sure it stays in its place forever and never falls off.

Hey! It's Very Quick to Get Personalized PVC Hat Patches with Us in UK

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Step 3
Reveal your requirements to us.
Approve the e-proof we shared.
We'll manufacture and deliver.

Share Your Requirements with PVCPatches.Co.UK

To turn your concept into rubber patches for hats.


UK'S Custom Patch Hats Pricing a Price You'll Remember Forever

As mentioned, upgrades contribute to spiking the price a little higher. But despite that, we guarantee to stay within your budget. Customers remember us for our high standard of quality and low pricing. We never tend to overlook the quality or customer service while minimizing the cost, even if it requires us to give up our profits to some extent. The following price chart will give you a better overview of our pricing strategy. In case there's still doubt, let us know.

2" - 2.5*£3.42£2.75£2.34£1.94£1.3£1.21£0.98£0.67
3" - 3.5"£3.78£3.11£2.93£2.56£2.11£1.99£1.63£1.26
4" - 4.5"£4.74£4.36£4.07£3.01£2.7£2.32£2.1£1.75
5" - 5.5"£4.8£4.65£4.3£3.89£3.45£3.1£2.73£2.55
6" - 6.5"£5.89£5.34£4.79£4.32£3.92£3.01£2.83£2.72
2" - 2.5*£3.78£3.11£2.93£2.56£2.11£1.99£1.63£1.26
3" - 3.5"£4.74£4.36£4.07£3.01£2.7£2.32£2.1£1.75
4" - 4.5"£4.89£4.65£4.3£3.89£3.45£3.1£2.73£2.55
5" - 5.5"£5.81£5.34£4.79£4.32£3.92£3.01£2.83£2.72
6" - 6.5"£5.99£5.65£4.99£4.5£4.1£3.65£3.24£3
2" - 2.5*£4.74£4.36£4.07£3.01£2.7£2.32£2.1£1.75
3" - 3.5"£4.89£4.65£4.3£3.89£3.45£3.1£2.73£2.55
4" - 4.5"£5.81£5.34£4.79£4.32£3.92£3.01£2.83£2.72
5" - 5.5"£5.99£5.65£4.99£4.5£4.1£3.65£3.24£3
6" - 6.5"£6.43£5.99£5.45£4.62£4.25£3.99£3.7£3.45

Don't Trust Us? Trust the Words of Clients Who Purchased Custom Hat Patches


“The patch came out exactly the way I wanted it to be! It adhered to my cap very easily and didn't came out. A recommended service.”


“Reliable hat patch making company for sure!!! They perfectly designed the cap patch for me. They feel so good as I touch these patches.”


“Great product! The quality of the custom hat patch was exceptional. I really enjoyed working with them. Do try them once.”


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“Very professional PVC patch hat company in London! They were so much fast with the service and delivered me on-time.”

Guarantees by Our Pvc Patches for Hat Service that Will Make You Feel Safe

Satisfaction Assured

We promise to satisfy you with our service, and if you aren't, we'll fix the issues for you.

Fastest Delivery

You'll receive your order within the decided timeframe or even a little before that!

Transparency in Quote

The quote will be highly transparent so you know that there are hidden charges or fees.

Affordable Prices

The prices are going to be the lowest, and we'll top them will discounts or some deals.

Unlimited Edits in Artwork

Despite offering free artwork service, we promise to edit it unlimited times.

Quickest Customer Support

Facing a problem with the order? No problem! We'll resolve that within seconds.

Either Want Pvc Trucker Hat Patches, or for Marketing Purpose We Can Make Them All for You!

Here, we pay keen attention to the quality of patches, and your experience! Don't worry, and trust us - you won't regret hiring us.