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  • 50 Morale Patches for £ 149 - 100 Patches For £ 240
  • Mentioned Pricing for 2” to 3.5″
  • Rubber Emblems For Army & Other Forces
  • 2D & 3D PVC Crests With Tons Of Add-Ons
  • Waterproof & Heat-Resistant Emblems
  • Affordable Pricing
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PVC Morale Patches in UK a Luxurious Addition to Your Clothing

Reasonable Rates

Our custom morale patches are so affordable that you won't mind ordering them again and again. Remember, prices might be cheap, but the quality isn't.

Versatile Crests

We have the ability to design any artwork and mould it into an amazing army PVC morale patch. There are no size or shape restrictions on our website.

Soft yet Durable

Every patch is made with the finest quality vinyl that is soft and rubbery in nature but can easily withstand normal wear and tear without damage.

Precisely Crafted

Our skilled PVC patch makers know how to produce well-designed and meticulously crafted badges that have a clean and crisp finishing.

PVC Samples

Our recently designed PVC patches that were adored by all of our clients.

Morale Patch
Designed PVC Patch
K9 Patch
Moral PVC Patch
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PVC PatchPVC Patch

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PVC Morale Patches In UK - A Perfect Way to Flaunt Your Pride

You have a great opportunity to showcase the identity of your unit through our custom PVC morale patches. We can design them for your platoon, squadron, or battalion so that you can flaunt your achievements or boost morale. Our craftsmen produce sturdy, durable, and waterproof badges that are perfect for your army uniforms or other tactical gear.

You can get them moulded in any shape, colour, or even multidimensional design. They are quite easy to attach and remove. Therefore, PVC morale patches are widely used for clothing items that are mostly worn in tough weather conditions with harsh environments. These emblems are also a fantastic option for creating a sense of belonging and pride among your unit or team.

Top Reasons Why We Are the #1 PVC Morale Patch Maker In UK Our Stand out Characteristics

There are several patch makers available online, but only a few can get hold of their customers. It takes something extra to become a service provider that can retain customers, and we possess all those qualities to be titled as the best PVC patch-making firm in UK.

● Compromising On The Quality Is Not Something We Prefer

We source the best-quality PVC from all over the world to craft high-quality badges for our customers. You can expect our products to last longer than usual because original vinyl is used in their production.

● We Go All-Out While Customizing Army Morale Patches

It is our belief that every customer is different and has a unique set of requirements. Therefore, we keep our patch-making process flexible and never turn down any design from the client, irrespective of its shape or size.

● 24/7 Availability Of Customer Support & Design Consultation

It is common for customers to have some questions in mind which should be answered to gain their trust and confidence. Our support staff and design consultants are always there to offer all kinds of assistance that you need.

● You Will Keep Coming Back Because Of Our Discounted Pricing

Our prices are so cheap that you might think that the sale is on throughout the year. In addition to that, we even offer exciting discounts to our loyal customers, and different deals are announced regularly.

#1 PVC Morale Patch Maker
We Know how to Elevate Your Simple Patch Into a Classic Masterpiece Amazing Add Ons that We Offer

Custom morale patches are already an add-on for your military uniforms and other clothing items. We can help you further upgrade those emblems so they can become a bit more fancy and attention-grabbing. The enhancements that you can get for your badges are mentioned below:

● Add A Glowing Effect To Your Rubber Badges

Your crests will be shining on your outfit or uniform throughout the day, but we want them to glow even at night. Our glow in the dark pigment will make your emblems glimmer and add an instant appeal to them.

● 3D Badges Can Make Your Designs Pop

PVC emblems are a better option than other badges because you can easily add a three-dimensional effect to them. If you have some extra bucks, then we can make your crests extra special.

● We Can Decorate Your Badge With A Border

PVC morale patches usually have a hot-cut border because they are made from a single piece of soft rubber. However, we like to go a step beyond for our clients and can add decorative stitches to your crests if you want.

● We Use CMYK Printing For Photorealistic Results

We use CMYK printing when a customer wants to make the colour scheme deeper so the design can look more enhanced. This technique is pretty effective and can add a more realistic effect to your design.

Simple Patch
A Complete Process to how We Design & Mould Your Emblems The Art of Making Pvc Patches

We follow a systematic process to craft military PVC morale patches in UK. Their production is completely different from other badges, and only a professional can pull off successful results. It all starts with collecting designs from the client and the rest is mentioned below:

● Client's Approval For The Digital Design

We start working on the digital sample once the client has shared all the requirements with our team. The PVC patch mock-up is sketched so the customer can make any adjustments in the design before moulding.

● Custom Moulds Are Engraved For Each Design

The approved artwork is sent for production, and the first step is to create a custom metal mould. CAD software designs the mould, which is then engraved through a CNC machine. This is step is repeated for every single patch.

● Liquid PVC With Desired Colours Is Poured

Once the mould is ready, the liquid PVC is injected and baked so the first layer can dry off. In this way, all the layers are poured and baked one after the other. The excess PVC is trimmed to make your badge look clean and flawless.

● Your Rubber Emblem Is Ready For Shipping

Our quality assurance team inspects all the badges for one last time. After that, your freshly-made custom morale patches are packed and shipped safely to the destination. The delivery will be at your doorstep in no time.

Knives and Coffee Patch
Different Factors that Can Fluctuate Your Final Price Quotation Extra Charges for Extra Perks

You can order a basic badge, and it won't cost you any extra bucks. But there are several factors that can add some additional dollars to your quotation. We like to keep things transparent. Therefore, we are about to mention those upgrades or special features that are charged exclusively.

● PVC Patches With Add-Ons Means A Higher Price Tag

Everyone wants their emblem to stand out, but there is a price to pay for everything. From 3D custom morale patches to glow in the dark PVC crest, all these cool options are available just for some extra bucks.

● Express Deliveries Have Additional Charges

We quickly process our normal deliveries, but if you want your army PVC morale patches to be shipped instantly, then it will increase your final amount. Your product will be delivered in a flash if you can manage this extra expense.

● We Do Not Add Special Borders For Free

A normal PVC patch does not have any border. However, some clients demand decorative stitches to be placed on the border. We can fulfil this requirement, but it will add some more dollars to the final price.

● Smaller Order Means Smaller Discount

There is no minimum order limit which means that you can order as many badges as you want. However, orders placed in bulk are likely to save you some extra bucks, and you might also get a discount.

Dump Box

Backing Types that Complement Your Custom PVC Morale Patches

Sew On Backing
Sew-On Backing

Stitching is the easiest and most widely used method to apply custom morale patches.

Stick Them With Glue
Stick Them With Glue

A strong fabric glue is used to hold the patch in its place, and it is also pretty easy to use.

Peel & Stick Backing
Peel & Stick Backing

A perfect option for temporary placement, as you just need to peel the patch and stick it.

Hook & Loop Backing
Hook & Loop Backing

Velcro backing makes it so much easier to apply and remove patches whenever you want.

Get Your British Army PVC Morale Patches Designed in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
We need all the details about your design
The approved design is sent for moulding
The final patch will be dispatched right away.

Your PVC Morale Patch Is Almost Ready!

If you have a unique, witty, and humourous design in your mind, share it with our team to make it a reality.


Affordability Is the Stand out Feature of Our PVC Morale Patches in UK

Have you been scrolling all over the internet to find a cheap and reliable service provider? If yes, then this search is about to end. You are currently at the best place to buy army or police morale patches in UK. The love and appreciation that we receive from our customers allow us to make such big claims. We have been crafting military PVC morale patches in UK for over a decade, and still, the affordability of our pricing plans is hard to beat for any other patch shop. We are in a league of our own when it comes to offering quality emblems at economical prices.

2" - 2.5*£3.42£2.75£2.34£1.94£1.3£1.21£0.98£0.67
3" - 3.5"£3.78£3.11£2.93£2.56£2.11£1.99£1.63£1.26
4" - 4.5"£4.74£4.36£4.07£3.01£2.7£2.32£2.1£1.75
5" - 5.5"£4.8£4.65£4.3£3.89£3.45£3.1£2.73£2.55
6" - 6.5"£5.89£5.34£4.79£4.32£3.92£3.01£2.83£2.72
2" - 2.5*£3.78£3.11£2.93£2.56£2.11£1.99£1.63£1.26
3" - 3.5"£4.74£4.36£4.07£3.01£2.7£2.32£2.1£1.75
4" - 4.5"£4.89£4.65£4.3£3.89£3.45£3.1£2.73£2.55
5" - 5.5"£5.81£5.34£4.79£4.32£3.92£3.01£2.83£2.72
6" - 6.5"£5.99£5.65£4.99£4.5£4.1£3.65£3.24£3
2" - 2.5*£4.74£4.36£4.07£3.01£2.7£2.32£2.1£1.75
3" - 3.5"£4.89£4.65£4.3£3.89£3.45£3.1£2.73£2.55
4" - 4.5"£5.81£5.34£4.79£4.32£3.92£3.01£2.83£2.72
5" - 5.5"£5.99£5.65£4.99£4.5£4.1£3.65£3.24£3
6" - 6.5"£6.43£5.99£5.45£4.62£4.25£3.99£3.7£3.45

Positive Reviews from Clients Who Loved Our PVC Morale Patches In UK

Brandon JacksonBrandon Jackson2023-04-06

“I was wondering where to buy PVC morale patches in UK as most of the patch shops were pretty expensive. Thankfully, I visited this site as they offered me the cheapest emblems.”

Shaun DavidShaun David2022-05-26

“I would recommend this store to everyone out there as it is the best place to buy PVC morale patches in UK. Their crisp detailing and vibrant colours make the designs more attractive.”

Tiffany BruceTiffany Bruce2021-06-26

“Our whole army group was planning a get-together, and I wanted to surprise them with some funny morale patches. My surprise would have failed without these patch makers.”

Paula BrooksPaula Brooks2021-02-26

“Whenever I visit this website, it feels like they are offering PVC morale patches for sale. It is impossible to get such high-quality emblems at such reasonable rates.”

Lilly StevensLilly Stevens2021-01-26

“My uncle recently retired as an officer and we wanted to gift him something special. Therefore, we ordered police morale patches in UK from this site which were delivered pretty quickly.”

Tim MasonTim Mason2021-09-26

“I frequently order custom morale patches from this company because they do not have any minimum order limits and allow you to buy as many badges as you want.”

Jacob MarshallJacob Marshall2021-03-26

“My military jacket was torn a bit, so I decided to repair it with a PVC morale patch. The design that I had in my mind was a bit complex, but these experts pulled it off quite easily.”

Olivia FranklinOlivia Franklin2021-07-26

“Full marks to the creativity, professionalism, and excellence of these patch makers as the delivered emblem looked exactly how I asked for, and the quality was also top-notch.”

Features that Make Us Top PVC Morale Patches Supplier In UK

Zero Delays

Our customers do not have to wait long for their patches as we design and deliver the emblems in a jiffy.

Consult with the Best

Have an unclear image in your mind? Get free design consultancy from our artistic patch makers.

Customization at Its Peak

We have some cool pre-made designs, but you can get custom morale patches of any shape, size, or colour.

Transparent Pricing

You can stay assured that no hidden surprises will be waiting for you at the end of the project.

Free Edits & Modifications

Our experts keep on tweaking the design till the customer is happy. Only approved artwork is sent for moulding.

24/7 Customer Support

Our dedicated customer support team is always there to answer all your queries instantly.

Hire a Reliable Team of British Patch Makers to Add Life and Colour to Your Desired PVC Morale Patches

Order custom PVC morale patches from our site in a few clicks, whether you need them for your whole military group or for personal use.