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Have Insanely Designed Custom PVC Military Patches From UK'S Professionals

Any Shape/Size

Want a small or massive PVC army patch in a square, triangle, circle or any other unique shape? Our company can make it all possible conveniently.


From raised designs to detailed designs, you can customize your PVC air force patch just like the way it is! It is fun to personalize military patches.

Highest Quality

We have funded greatly to get high-quality PVC to deliver the finest custom military PVC patches, so they can withstand the toughest test of time.

Backing Type

Usually, officials opt for Velcro backing as it's the more durable one and easy to apply! But you are free to choose any backing that suits you the best.

PVC Army Patches

These custom military PVC patches demonstrate our skillset and expertise in this field!

Vietnam Patch
Custom PVC Military Patch
Military Patch
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Strike Tradition And Classic Elements Together To Get UK'S Army PVC Patches

PVC air force patches are composed of Polyvinyl chloride, making them an ideal option for innovative designs. They enable Pantone color matching, which is impossible with embroidered or thread-based cotton badges. Along with allowing fine and intricate details to be manufactured, PVC has the quality to stay durable for the longest time.

The life of the army men isn't like living the dream life and they go through a rough-tough routine, they need something durable that outperforms just like them. Resistant to extreme heat and cold, our custom military PVC patches are waterproof! This makes them a top-pick option for outdoor applications. Let's take a deeper look into what we do.

How We Rock Among All Custom PVC Military Patches Maker In UK

Undeniably, the market is saturated with innumerable companies, making it harder than ever to hire the best custom PVC army patches maker in the country. But we have several reasons to validate our claim of being the 'the best'. Here's a quick overview of what makes us outstand:

● We Use Superior-Quality PVC For Army Patches

Many firms invest in low-grade PVC to save huge margins, because, for them, client satisfaction is nothing. However, at PVCPatches.co.uk we take quality very seriously and promise to deliver the finest outcomes.

● Here, We Allow Customization At Its Full Peak!

People often come to us with various designs and shapes and we deal with all of them perfectly. Here, you are never going to run out of personalization options. No design/concept is ever out of range for us.

● Exceptional Customer Support Guaranteed

Aren't sure where to begin? Ordering custom military PVC patches for the first time? Need design assistance? No matter what is stopping you, just tell us and we'll resolve issues within a snap of the fingers.

● Cost Perks, Discounts & Deals Are Offered By Us

With us, you have the perk of receiving the highest quality military patches for sale price in UK. Also, our company offers many discounts and deals for repeat buyers, new customers and referral customers.

PVC Military Patches Maker
SPruce up Your PVC Air Force Patch with Optional Add Ons Checkout Exciting Upgrades

Who doesn't loves being a little extra with PVC air force patches? At least everyone who comes to us has something extraordinary in their minds, which can be achieved by spending a little more. Wish to see what are the upgrades? The following mentioned are the ones!

● Glow In The Dark PVC Military Patch

Made up of special materials that are capable of absorbing enough light throughout the day, glow-in-the-dark PVC army patches light up at night time. It is a great fun way to make your patch outstand.

● Give A 3D Impact To Your Army Patch

PVCs are popularly known for their 3D-raised impact, which makes them look splendid. We allow one to add this upgradation to the design without overspending! Otherwise, a 2D custom patch is always an option.

● Unique Border: Sewing Channel Border

Thou there are no such borders in PVC patches, but if one needs something distinctive, we can add a sewing channel border. These are decorative stitches throughout the borders making them look very cool.

● Partial CYMK Printing & Screen Printing

Have an extremely intricate design with gradient shades, which seems impossible for your personalized army patch? No worries! We can offer partial CYMK printing to help you achieve your desired outcome.

PVC Air Force Patch
An Overall Run Through of how Our Militray Patches Are Made In UK Take a Look at Our Work Process

The process of making PVC air force patches requires experience to hand to be tackled flawlessly. To ensure you are satisfied with us, we share a free design sample before manufacturing. Have a look at how we make your unique, and marvellous PVC army patches in UK:

● Mould Engraving With CNC Machines

Since customers never order official military patches (or they can be in hot waters), they always come up with a unique design that shows their love for the country. We prepare a custom mould as per their design.

● Base Color & Color Injecting

Once we have the mould ready, we spread the base color and one by one inject various colors to achieve the client's design. Every color is added layer by layer using the automatic machines for quick results.

● Oven Working (An Optional Step)

In case the customer has opted for screen printing, a layer of ink is transferred to the PVC and is further baken in the oven to fuse the color or the ink into the PVC. But this only happens for screen printing clients.

● We Ship Your Order To Your Doorstep

After we have the patches ready, we pack and ship them to your mentioned address. We are always on time as our team members are extremely efficient with their work and finish their work on time.

SendIt Patch
Factors that Can Lead to a Higher Price Tag but Worthy Results Here's how We Calculate a Quote

We like to keep things as transparent as we can! Therefore, here we will share the procedure that helps us in calculating a price quote for the customer. Also, it will reveal what can lead one towards a higher price tag as well as worthy results. Let's check them out:

● Upgrades Like 3D, Glow-In-The-Dark & Etc

The more you invest, the greater the outcome will be! Going for 3D PVC military patches, or glow-in-the-dark upgrades will surely have excellent outcomes, but this elevates the final cost to some extent.

● Urgent Deliveries Required By You

At times clients are in need of urgent deliveries, and we don't mind delivering urgent orders, but this lifts up the final pricing. That's because we pay extra to the manufacturing team to speed up the process.

● Make Your PVC Patch Pop With A Border

Usually, there's no border in PVC patch! But if a client wishes to pop their PVC patch, a stitched border will help. This upgrade won't require much additional cost, but it will definitely add up a little to the cost.

● Least Quantity Of Order Placed

We have no minimum requirement for order placement, but we tend to give a discounted quote for bulk orders. On the other hand, for smaller orders, the prices tend to go up resulting in a higher price tag.

No Knife No Life Patch

Backing Options We Offer For Your London'S Army Pvc Patches

Glue on Patch
Glue On

Stick your custom PVC military patch with ease by adhering it with glue.

Peel & Stick Patch
Peel & Stick

Just peel the protective sheet from the patch and stick it to the apparel.

Velcro Patch

Sew the loop to the apparel and stick the hook/patch on it, and VOILA.

Sew on Patch
Sew On

Don't like sticking? Sew on your PVC patch on the apparel, and enjoy!

Get a Custom PVC Military Patch in 3 Easy, Peasy Lemon Squeezy Steps

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Send your design to us.
Approve the digital proof.
We'll manufacture & deliver.

Have a PVC Army Patch Idea? Share It with Us!



Put Your Eyes on the Pricing of Our Personalized PVC Army Patches In UK

Excited enough for the next big step? We promise, our pricing will not dampen your spirits. You are going to love our affordable yet rock-bottom pricing by all means. Not just in UK, but whoever asks Google about 'best and economical military patches near me', comes across us every time. That's because we have maintained the pricing, and quality side by side. For us, a satisfied customer is the priority. Our low prices and the world's best customer service make us the best patch maker in the market!

2" - 2.5*£3.42£2.75£2.34£1.94£1.3£1.21£0.98£0.67
3" - 3.5"£3.78£3.11£2.93£2.56£2.11£1.99£1.63£1.26
4" - 4.5"£4.74£4.36£4.07£3.01£2.7£2.32£2.1£1.75
5" - 5.5"£4.8£4.65£4.3£3.89£3.45£3.1£2.73£2.55
6" - 6.5"£5.89£5.34£4.79£4.32£3.92£3.01£2.83£2.72
2" - 2.5*£3.78£3.11£2.93£2.56£2.11£1.99£1.63£1.26
3" - 3.5"£4.74£4.36£4.07£3.01£2.7£2.32£2.1£1.75
4" - 4.5"£4.89£4.65£4.3£3.89£3.45£3.1£2.73£2.55
5" - 5.5"£5.81£5.34£4.79£4.32£3.92£3.01£2.83£2.72
6" - 6.5"£5.99£5.65£4.99£4.5£4.1£3.65£3.24£3
2" - 2.5*£4.74£4.36£4.07£3.01£2.7£2.32£2.1£1.75
3" - 3.5"£4.89£4.65£4.3£3.89£3.45£3.1£2.73£2.55
4" - 4.5"£5.81£5.34£4.79£4.32£3.92£3.01£2.83£2.72
5" - 5.5"£5.99£5.65£4.99£4.5£4.1£3.65£3.24£3
6" - 6.5"£6.43£5.99£5.45£4.62£4.25£3.99£3.7£3.45

The Evidence Is In Reviews: See What Britons Talk About Our PVC Army Patches


“I wanted to order PVC military patches for my army retired dad as I was throwing a retirement party for him! I ordered from them in bulk, and they delivered on very short notice. Loved it!”


“Managing PVC is a bit hard because the process is very lengthy and complex! But they delivered me the highest quality military army PVC patches - I just cannot resist.”


“I don’t have words to express my thanks to these experts, as they are top-notch professionals in the town! High-end quality, fast customer service and excellent prices.”


“Need custom PVC military patches? This UK’s affordable company can be your rescue. They deliver top-notch quality cotton badges at excellent rates. Plus, they keep one in loop.”

Brian CarterSanford2021-01-26

“This is the fastest company of PVC patch making I have ever hired. That’s because their delivery was on time and the quality was on-point. Absolutely loved them.”


“It was a brilliant experience with PVC patch maker UK! My army PVC patch is so much bright in color, and has excellent backing. It didn’t fall off, unlike other patches do.”


“If you need a professional patch maker in UK, you should turn to this company. They know how to satisfy a customer and deliver the best quality custom PVC military patch.”


“OMGG! Perfection was delivered to me under the name of personalized PVC military patches. Despite the bulk quantity, they delivered me at such an affordable cost.”

Our UK'S PVC Air Force Patches Company Promises:

Speedy Deliveries

You will receive your order within the decided time frame, or even before that.

Free Artwork

Don't have the artwork? No problem! We will design the artwork, free of cost.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Don't like the artwork? Seek unlimited edits till you are fully satisfied.

Fast Responses

The customer support is available 24 hours a day to render solutions for you.

No Hidden Charges

The quote will be very transparent, so you know for what you are paying for.

Full Customization

There's no limitation regarding customization, be it in terms of size, shape, etc.

With PVCPatches.CO.UK, You Are In The Safest Hands! Share Your Requirements And Let'S Create A Custom Military PVC Patch

We are right here, just a click away to design and manufacture PVC air force patches for you. Trust us with your requirements and we promise you won't regret your decision.