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You Can Customize Your PVC Soft Labels in Terms Of…


From Velcro to sew-on, glue-on and peel/stick - you can have any type of backing at the back of your patch.


Want stitches on borders around your PVC label? Fine! We will add stitches around your soft rubber PVC label.


Whatever shape you might be eyeing, we can help you achieve the exact same style or shape easily.


Our talented manufacturers can manage it all, be it something very small or a large chunky rubber label.

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Pop up the Apparel With Custom Soft PVC Labels In London, UK

Let the world know that you exist in the market by using our finest-grade quality rubber & silicone PVC labels. Our personalized rubber labels can make any of your apparel pop. Since soft PVC labels are an ideal choice for outerwear, you can carry them on jackets, hoodies, hats, bags, tees and anywhere!

Also, these soft PVC labels have the quality to have vibrant colours that never fade away (at least not within 3 to 4 years). But for that, you definitely need to trust a reliable company that uses superior PVC labels and works perfectly. Therefore, turning to for this can be your best of best call.

PVC Soft Labels Are Popularly Known for Their Diverse Types We Deal in All Types Of PVC Labels

As a popular choice, these labels are used by almost every industry that exists today. And that has made it sprout out many types, and each type serves a unique purpose. For your ease, we offer all of them! Check below the types offered by us and the purpose they serve:

● 2D/3D PVC Soft Labels

2D labels are just like the name suggests, but 3D ones have a raised texture, which looks appealing and feels great when touched. We make 3D moulds for each customized 3D PVC soft label.

● Embossed/Debossed Labels

Have soft PVC labels that would be embossed or debossed with your desired design, logo, or text! Rubber embossed/debossed are the most durable ones, which can serve the longest time possible.

● PVC Zipper Puller

Cute yet most useful type of label is the PVC zipper puller! Made up of PVC, they can be customized into any design or text and attached to the zipper. They look very adorable while hanging.

● Silicone Labels

Need something for activewear, exercise apparel or sports clothing? Silicone PVC labels should be your call, surely. We make customized silicone labels that are highly flexible and water-resistant!

PVC Soft Labels
The Customer Chooses PVCPatches.Co.UK Every Time For PVC Labels We Go to Work Every Day to Amaze Clients

Customers always return to us because we offer the best value to them for their invested money. Be it in terms of quality, customer service, delivery or anything else! We offer many other perks as well, making us the best choice in the industry:

● We Deliver Peerless Quality Soft PVC Labels

Customers who take quality very seriously return to us because the quality of our products delivered by us is exceptional. We source raw materials from the best places, resulting in high-end outcomes.

● No Barriers To PVC Labels Personalization

Many companies allow minor or basic customization only! However, here, we give the complete steering to the customer, and they are allowed to design anything, literally, ANYTHING, as a clothing PVC label.

● Deliveries Within The Promised Timeframe

Another reason why Britons keep coming back to us is that we deliver within the committed time frame. We have never delayed any of our orders. We even cater to rush order deliveries as well for clients.

● Professional & Guaranteed After-Sales Support

We don't cut off customer ties after the order is delivered. Instead, we are always all ears to know if there is any problem with the order. Plus, we resolve them timely to satisfy the client.

Whiplash Speed Company Patch
4 QA Steps that Help Us Manufacture Quality Soft PVC Labels In UK Our Proven & Transparent QA Process

Everyone loves to know the backend story of rubber & silicone PVC labels. That's because why not? Our procedure is based on 4 QA steps to ensure supreme quality results. Have your eyes on how we work, and deliver you your dream soft PVC label:

● Hand-Inspection Of Raw Material

To have satisfying outcomes, the roots need to be good enough. Right? For that reason, we hand inspect liquid rubber, colours, and whole raw material to ensure it is of the highest and the best quality.

● Free Artwork & Limitless Edits

We don't put customer's expectations at risk. That's why we offer free artwork services. Under this, the client's idea is turned into an image. And we don't move to the next step until the client is satisfied.

● Free Sample For Bulk Orders

If you place a bulk order, we can manufacture a free-of-cost sample to get it approved by you! This helps us gain certainty that the outcomes will be precisely what we expect them to be.

● Final QA By The Support Team

Before dispatching the order, the customer support and the QA team inspect every piece to ensure it is exactly what the customer has requested. If not, we fix the issues until the order is perfect.

SNEAK Professional Cornhole Patch
Check out how the Cost of Soft PVC Labels Is Calculated The Pricing Determiners of Soft PVC Labels

The manufacturing process of clothing PVC labels requires an expert hand! Therefore, many companies charge a lot for rubber labels. But we try our best not to burn a hole in the customer's pocket. Following are the price determiners that help us in calculating the quote:

● Size & Shape Of Rubber PVC Label

Bigger rubber labels require more raw material, making the price quote slightly higher! Likewise, intricate shapes like Vesica Piscis, Triquetra or zigzag borders may cost a little more to the customer.

● Quicker/Urgent Deliveries

Need your clothing PVC label at the shortest notice possible within or beyond UK? We can request the logistics company to speed up the delivery process by paying extra for speedy delivery.

● More Than 12 Colors In Design

Have a colorful trendy design with 12+ colors in your soft PVC label? Unwillingly, we are bound to charge a little more. However, we will try our best not to cross your budget line by any means.

● 2D/3D Clothing PVC Labels

Depending upon their preferences, customers go for 2D or 3D PVC labels! However, 3D clothing PVC labels might result in extra charges. But we promise the results will allure you to the core.

Ecose Design

Available Backing Options for Your Clothing PVC Labels

Velcro Patch

Have Velcro on the backing of your rubber label and attach it to any of your desired apparel.

Sew On Patch

We'll manufacture a sewing panel around your PVC labels so you can sew them with ease.

Glue On Patch

Stick your PVC label on your apparel by activating the glue and pressing it on your outfit.

Peel & Stick Patch
Peel & Stick

Just like the name recommends, peel the label backing and stick it to your apparel.

Creating Your Customized Pvc Soft Label Is a Swifty Process

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Show us what you want.
Approve the design draft.
We'll create & deliver your label.

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Know What You Are Paying for with Our Rubber Label Making Service in UK

Prices can never be fixed. That's because the final quote is always designed according to the customer's design requirements. Upgrades, delivery time and other factors impact the final pricing. However, no matter how much glamour one wishes to add to their design, we still keep the price rock bottom. On top of that, we do not mind offering discounts on bulk orders. Many customers are also rewarded with wholesale or factory direct prices, depending upon their quantity. Ready to dig in? Great! Let's do it.

2" - 2.5*£3.42£2.75£2.34£1.94£1.3£1.21£0.98£0.67
3" - 3.5"£3.78£3.11£2.93£2.56£2.11£1.99£1.63£1.26
4" - 4.5"£4.74£4.36£4.07£3.01£2.7£2.32£2.1£1.75
5" - 5.5"£4.8£4.65£4.3£3.89£3.45£3.1£2.73£2.55
6" - 6.5"£5.89£5.34£4.79£4.32£3.92£3.01£2.83£2.72
2" - 2.5*£3.78£3.11£2.93£2.56£2.11£1.99£1.63£1.26
3" - 3.5"£4.74£4.36£4.07£3.01£2.7£2.32£2.1£1.75
4" - 4.5"£4.89£4.65£4.3£3.89£3.45£3.1£2.73£2.55
5" - 5.5"£5.81£5.34£4.79£4.32£3.92£3.01£2.83£2.72
6" - 6.5"£5.99£5.65£4.99£4.5£4.1£3.65£3.24£3
2" - 2.5*£4.74£4.36£4.07£3.01£2.7£2.32£2.1£1.75
3" - 3.5"£4.89£4.65£4.3£3.89£3.45£3.1£2.73£2.55
4" - 4.5"£5.81£5.34£4.79£4.32£3.92£3.01£2.83£2.72
5" - 5.5"£5.99£5.65£4.99£4.5£4.1£3.65£3.24£3
6" - 6.5"£6.43£5.99£5.45£4.62£4.25£3.99£3.7£3.45

Customer Reviews Who Purchased Rubber & Silicone PVC Labels


“Excellent PVC labels in UK! Great product delivered to me. Fine quality, lowest prices. Will order more soon again.”


“Amazing clothing PVC labels by! Very affordable in price, and the communication was quick.”


“Third time ordering rubber & silicone PVC labels from them, and they deliver unmatched quality to me every time.”


“The service is great, and the colours are also very vibrant. I enjoyed buying rubber & silicone PVC labels from them.”


“The rubber labels came so fast, and I am so much satisfied with the quality. I wasn't expecting such a short turnaround.”


“I have been searching for a legit PVC custom keychain maker for a long time and finally found one! Along with affordable prices, their customer service is unmatchable.”


“Since my order of clothing PVC labels was huge, they made free samples. This is such an unforgettable gesture for me.”


“Unbelievable service. The rubber labels are brilliantly made. The quality speaks for itself. Highly recommended service.”

Our PVC Label Company Offers Various Guarantees

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Our support team is online 24/7 to deal with customer queries.

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The quality we have invested in is unsurpassable and unmatchable.

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You can come to us with any design requirement, and we'll deal with it.

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Every quote designed by us is transparent for the customer's assistance.

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