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A Step-By-Step Guide To Make Custom Patches Like A Pro

For centuries, embroidery work has always been valued in the fashion industry.

But people have come up with alternatives, which are patches. They are easy to make and apply on the clothes. This is why they have gained so much popularity.

What’s impressive is that you can craft them on your own as well. In this digital era, it has become a breeze to create your own crests with various design tools. So, if you are not aware of how to craft one, then we are here to guide you.

In this article, we will discuss all the steps that you have to pass through while making your own custom emblems online.

Design Like Experts: How To Craft Your Own Custom Patches Online

When it comes to custom embroidered patches, they are a great way to showcase your interest and personality to the world.

With the world full of various kinds and artwork of emblems, designing one on your own is a great option if you want to stand out from others. From bikers to morale patches, people are adding personalisation to create something unique. So, if you also want to craft an attractive custom emblem, then you must follow the steps mentioned below.

Think Of An Artwork

The first thing that you need to do is to think of a distinctive artwork.

For that, you can use your imagination to pull out your dream design or take assistance from the internet to take inspiration.

For this step, you must keep the purpose of creating the emblems in mind so you will get a clear understanding of what you want. Moreover, it is recommended to opt for simple artwork, as they look attractive.

Lastly, a bold design looks more appealing to the eyes, even from the distance. Thus, draw a rough sketch of what your emblem will look like on any online tool so that you can jump towards the next step.

Determine Your Patch Size And Shape

When you have decided on the artwork for your emblem, it’s time to think of the size you desire.

For this element, you must consider the area you want to apply it to. If you are planning to stick it on any broad surface, like on the front of a tote or on the back of our old jacket, then you must go for a larger size emblem. But if you want to craft patches for collars or arms, then you must opt for smaller ones.

Aside from these things, the shape of the emblems also plays a huge role in making and breaking its look. It also depends on the placement of the patch. Not all shapes look suitable for any position. This is why it is important to consider this point while adding customisation to your emblem.

Font Of Text

The next thing that you need to pick is the text of your emblem.

This component also depends on the goal of creating the patch. If you are a small business and want to promote your product, then the text must be a little professional. But if you are a bit rebellious and want to showcase this personality of yours to the world, then you can use any quote accordingly.

Additionally, you must also think of the font of your text as well. This component plays a huge part in conveying your message. Not every font suits all kinds of messages. For instance, for a professional event, you must opt for any formal font, but for a birthday party, a decorative text is a great option.

Select The Amount Of Embroidery

For creating a unique custom patch, you can also play with the amount of embroidery.

With this approach, you can add a touch of creativity and make your patch stand out from the rest. The possibilities are endless, and you can let your imagination take the lead. From text only to full embroidery, you go for the one which suits you.

This element also aids in enhancing the look of your emblem. By decreasing the number of threads, you can create a flat appearance of your patch, but by increasing the quantity of the embroidery, it will have a more emerged look.

Pick The Suitable Backing

You can also add customisation to your emblems on the basis of how you want them to attach to your desired item.

There are a number of options to choose from, from a quick-fix solution like the iron-on or stick-on backing to one requiring skills like a sew-on back. Additionally, if you ever observe PVC patches on the uniform of military people, then you will see that they use hook and loop backing to attach them. Just like that, you can choose from various kinds according to your suitability and ease.

Choose Your Border

The next thing that you must consider while creating a custom emblem is its border.

It’s a great way to give your patch a good finish. The most commonly used options are merrowed and laser-cut borders. The first one is composed by adding embroidery at the corners of the emblems; on the other hand, the second one is created by trimming the edges with the help of heat.

The merrowed border offers an emerging look to the emblems. Aside from that, the laser-cut ones provide a flat look to the patches. So choose the one on the basis of your preference.

Type And Colour Of Thread

The last and the main element that you have to think about is the type and colours of threads that will be used to compose the artwork.

There are several types of threads that are used for crafting emblems, out of which the two common options are metallic and embroidery threads. The first one offers a shiny touch to the patches. On the other hand, the normal ones provide more pigment to the emblems.

Lastly, choose the shades of the threads that look relatable to the artwork. But make sure to choose the contracting colours as they look appealing to the eyes. In addition to that, opt for brighter pigments as they will help you in making your design look prominent.

After thinking about all the above elements, you must create a document mentioning all the details. After that, upload it along with the artwork design on the manufacturer’s website. Make sure to enter all the details correctly and clearly. The next thing to do is place an order, but make sure to opt for a reliable site.

Check out the customer’s review and then proceed with it. We are sure that all these pointers will help you in creating your own custom patches online.


Talking about customisation in the fashion industry, one of the most common things that comes to our mind is “Patches”.

They are a great way to enhance the look of your old clothing as well as for promotional purposes. What’s more, is that they are not even hard to create. Everyone can design their own custom patches just by following the pointer we have mentioned above. After that, all you have to do is place an order, provide the instructions and let the experts do their job.

Lastly, make sure to do your research before opting for any manufacturer or else you won’t get the desired results. Check out the experiences, reviews and samples before picking one. So don’t delay any more, and with the assistance of our guide, let your imagination come to life. We bet you won’t regret your choice.

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